Safety Lines

Our safety lines are designed specifically to be high strength, lightweight, water resistant and weather resistant. The safety lines are ISO-approved and will ensure your safety during marine activity.


Paired with a safety harness or harness lifejacket, these reduce the risk of a man-overboard situation in unstable conditions.

Various options are available with different tether lengths and can withstand significant loads. Some of our safety lines are even designed for high-performance racing environments. Buy online now or get in touch if you have any further questions.

Baltic Jackstay

Baltic Jackstay

FROM: £57.50 £47.92 Ex VAT

Ocean Safety 3 Hook Safety Line

FROM: £55.00 £45.83 Ex VAT

Ocean Safety 2 Hook Safety Line

FROM: £39.00 £32.50 Ex VAT

Crewsaver Pro Safety Lines

FROM: £65.00£115.00

Baltic Safety Harness

FROM: £37.50£58.50

Baltic Safety Lines

FROM: £42.00£65.00

Seago Safety Lines

FROM: £32.00£44.95