We have a wide range of boat fenders available to purchase online now, stocking boat fenders in multiple sizes suitable for docking, step, and more.


Give your vessel the protection it deserves (and needs) with fenders for boats of all sizes on offer, as well as a selection of fender adapters, valves, dock lines, and other marine docking equipment.


What size boat fender do I need?

Various factors go into determining which size boat fender you require, such as the size of your boat, the type of dock you’re going into, and the storage available onboard your boat or yacht.


At Crew Safe, we stock five different sizes of Majoni Star Boat Fenders, made from high-quality, soft PVC, which provides reliable protection and is UV resistant, available in various colours. Additionally, we also have articulated dock fenders and straight dock fenders, both of which can be screwed directly onto the pontoon.


Having a fender for your boat that is adequately sized for the size of your boat is very important, and if you choose an option that is too small, it won’t protect the hull and can explode upon impact. Another vital factor to consider is the availability of storage space aboard your vessel, with larger options requiring more space to store.

Articulated Dock Fender

Articulated Dock Fender

FROM: £50.00 £41.67 Ex VAT
Majoni Star Fender Size 2

Majoni Star Fender (Size 2)

FROM: £15.95
Majoni Star Fender Size 3

Majoni Star Fender (Size 3)

FROM: £21.95
Majoni Star Fender Size 4

Majoni Star Fender (Size 4)

FROM: £29.95
Majoni Star Fender Size 5

Majoni Star Fender (Size 5)

FROM: £47.95
Straight Dock Fender

Straight Dock Fender

FROM: £60.00 £50.00 Ex VAT
Majoni Star Fender Size 1

Majoni Star Fender (Size 1)

FROM: £10.99

Majoni Fender Pump Adapter

FROM: £8.95 £7.46 Ex VAT

Majoni Fender Valve

FROM: £5.00 £4.17 Ex VAT

Dock Lines

FROM: £9.95£39.95

3-Strand Fender Lanyards

FROM: £3.95

Braided Fender Lanyards

FROM: £4.50