150n Lifejackets

Lifejackets are proven to save lives during marine activities, 150n lifejackets included. From paddleboarding to race day sailing, you need to remain safe at all times. As marine safety equipment specialists, we provide a wide variety of options for all water sports.

At Crew Safe, we offer some of the most well-known brands such as Crewsaver, Spinlock and Baltic. Take a look at the available options in 150n lifejackets; manual or automatic, with or without a harness loop and with added accessories available. Buy online now or get in touch if you have any further questions.

Spinlock Deckvest Lite Lifejacket

FROM: £129.95
Crewsaver ErgoFit Dark Blue

Crewsaver Ergofit+ 190N Lifejacket

FROM: £199.00£229.00
Front View Black 190N ErgoFit

Crewsaver ErgoFit 190N Offshore Lifejacket – Hammar

FROM: £189.00

Crewsaver Crewfit Pro 180N Lifejacket

FROM: £109.00£119.00
Baltic Compact 100n Dark Blue Lifejacket

Baltic Compact 100n Lifejacket

FROM: £120.00£150.00
165N Baltic Legend Lifejacket

Baltic Legend 165n Lifejacket

FROM: £165.00£220.00

Baltic Winner 165n Lifejacket

FROM: £110.00£125.00

Baltic Hybrid – 220n Foam & Gas Lifejacket with Harness

FROM: £299.00

Seago 3 Dynamic – 190n Lifejacket – Automatic with Harness, Light & Hood

FROM: £135.00 £112.50 Ex VAT

Seago Active 190n Pro Lifejacket with Light & Hood

FROM: £109.00
CrewSafe: Blue LifeJacket

Crewsafe Raider 165n Lifejacket

FROM: £54.95£59.95

Crewsaver Crewfit Sport 165N Lifejacket

FROM: £79.99£89.95
Deckyest Black Front

Spinlock Deckvest 6D 170n Lifejacket

FROM: £239.00
Baltic Force 190N Lifejacket

Baltic Force 190n Lifejacket

FROM: £249.00£279.00
Athena Lifejacket

Baltic Athena 165n Lifejacket

FROM: £139.00£164.99

Spinlock Deckvest Lite+ Lifejacket

FROM: £135.00