Buoyancy Aids

Buoyancy aids are necessary for any marine activity, whether it’s kayaking, boat racing, or solo sailing, ensuring you are safe should you unexpectedly end up in the water.

We offer a wide variety of options for multiple sports, including different buoyancy values, with a variety of sizes, styles, and colour options to suit your wants and needs.

At Crew Safe, we also have life jackets available to purchase online in various sizes and designs, ensuring you’ll be easily seen and safe should you ever have to use them. We have a wide selection of marine safety equipment available, including safety beacons and VHFs, which can help you during an emergency.

Baltic SAR Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £159.00
Buoyancy Aids: Marine Safety

Baltic Worker Industrial Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £65.00 £54.17 Ex VAT

Crewsaver Pro 50N SZ Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £55.00£65.00
Buoyancy Aid: Blue Front

Crewsaver Pro 50N CZ Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £55.00£65.00

Crewsaver Sport 50N Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £44.95£49.99
50N Buoyancy Aid

Crewsaver Response 50N Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £27.50£32.95

Baltic Sandhamn 60N Buoyancy Gilet

FROM: £135.00

Baltic Surf & Turf – Flipper 60N Buoyancy Gilet

FROM: £135.00

Baltic Adventure – Fishing Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £85.00

Baltic Dinghy Pro Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £55.00£65.00

Baltic Canoe Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £39.95£45.00

Baltic Outdoor – Fishing Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £68.50
Baltic Offshore Buoyancy Aid with Harness Yellow and Black

Baltic Offshore – Buoyancy Aid with Harness

FROM: £82.50£99.00
Baltic Paddler Buoyancy Aid Yellow and Black

Baltic Paddler Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £36.25£43.50

Baltic Stinger – Jetski Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £65.00£80.00

Baltic Aqua Pro Buoyancy Aid

FROM: £35.00