Man Overboard Recovery

Safety in sailing is of paramount importance. You need to ensure that you and your crew are safe at all times. Should one of your crew end up in the water, you need a fast method of getting them back aboard. We provide various methods of achieving this, from throw lines, to horseshoe buoys and rescue slings. This variety of options allows for you to choose a system that suits you. They can be easily stored, maintained and deployed as necessary. Buy online now.

Crewsaver Throwing Strop

FROM: £65.00 £54.17 Ex VAT

Crewsaver Rescue Sling

FROM: £79.50 £66.25 Ex VAT

Crewsaver SOLAS Horseshoe Buoy Light

FROM: £45.00 £37.50 Ex VAT

Crewsaver Horseshoe Buoy Bracket

FROM: £35.00 £29.17 Ex VAT

Crewsaver Lifeline

FROM: £45.00 £37.50 Ex VAT
Ocean Safety Webbing Ladder

Ocean Safety Webbing Ladder 2.5m

FROM: £59.00 £49.17 Ex VAT

Helicopter Lifting Strop

FROM: £115.00 £95.83 Ex VAT

Ocean Safety – Throwing Recovery Strop – 36m

FROM: £99.00 £82.50 Ex VAT

25m Rescue Line in Throwing Sock

FROM: £27.50 £22.92 Ex VAT

Stainless Steel Holder for Throwing Line

FROM: £19.50 £16.25 Ex VAT

Crewsaver Horseshoe Set – Horseshoe Buoy, Light and Bracket

FROM: £79.50

Crewsaver Horseshoe Buoy

FROM: £39.95

Yak Throw Bag

FROM: £40.00£50.00

Baltic Horseshoe Buoy

FROM: £45.00

Baltic Horseshoe Buoy Set

FROM: £80.00

Baltic Swedebuoy – Manual Overboard Recovery System

FROM: £60.00£175.00