Life Buoy Rings & Housings

Commonly found on lakes, rivers, and near beaches, life buoy rings are a simple and easy solution to getting someone to safety when they are in trouble.


Acting as a flotation device, those in distress can grab hold of the life ring and, with the added throwline, can be quickly pulled to safety. They can be used by anyone, from authorities to passers-by in emergency situations, and are easily removed from their housing and thrown as necessary. Purchase online now or get in touch for further assistance or if you have any questions.


Additionally, we have an extensive range of marine safety products available to purchase online, including life rafts, safety beacons, flares, and more!

Accessories & Products

As well as various sizes and weight options, we have a selection of accessories and products available to purchase online, including floating lines, mounting hooks and encapsulated throw lines.

Typically accompanied by a floating line, combining these ensures quick and safe recovery when someone is in danger in the water. The bright colour and reflective tape ensure great visibility, highlighting rings to those throwing them and those who are in distress. We also have a range of lifebuoy housings, including rail mounting kits, cabinet covers, whole cabinets, and different-sized mounting posts, ensuring we have options suitable for all environments.

What size life buoy ring do I need?

We have two sizes of life buoy rings available, including a 24” solution that’s easier to deploy and suited to rivers, lakes, canals, or shelving beaches and a 30” 2.5kg ring that is SOLAS Approved with SOLAS reflective tape, perfectly suited for docks, piers, harbours, and boats where multiple casualties or additional buoyancy is required.


Our products comply with all necessary regulations with different buoyancy ratings on offer, giving you the ability to choose the option best suited to your needs.

Reliable & trusted life buoy rings

At Crew Safe, as with all the products we provide, ensuring maximum reliability and safety is at the forefront of our minds, providing marine safety products you can trust. Our life buoy rings, accessories, and housing solutions will ensure total reliability when needed, giving those who need to use them the confidence and focus they need when helping someone in distress.


All of our life buoy rings, lines, and housings are available to purchase online now, or for more information on our available products and solutions, contact us today.