Lifejacket Spares

Self-inflating lifejackets are designed for single use before needing rearming kits to ensure continued use. We provide rearming kits and further lifejacket spares for a wide variety of life jackets variations.

We also provide accessories such as spray hoods and lights to ensure your life jackets are as visible as possible on the water. These lifejacket spares ensure that you are protected as much as possible while on the water. Buy online now or get in touch if you have any further questions.

United Moulders Automatic Capsule

FROM: £10.00 £8.33 Ex VAT

SOLAS Tape – 1m of Self Adhesive Reflective Tape

FROM: £5.00 £4.17 Ex VAT

Baltic Replacement Co2 Cylinder Kit

FROM: £17.95£34.50
CO2 Replacement Cylinder

Replacement Co2 Cylinders

FROM: £12.00£18.00

United Moulders Elite Automatic Capsule

FROM: £10.00 £8.33 Ex VAT
Re-Arming Kits - Cylinder

United Moulders Automatic Re-Arming Kits

FROM: £21.50£25.50
Elite Rearmkit

United Moulders Elite Pro Sensor Re-Arming Kits

FROM: £21.50£25.50

Crewsaver Replacement Co2 Cylinders

FROM: £15.00£22.50

Halkey Roberts Bobbin

FROM: £8.95 £7.46 Ex VAT

Safety Indicators UM/HR

FROM: £12.00 £10.00 Ex VAT